“I really appreciate the friendly atmosphere and professional service at Audiology Concepts!”

– Kit Minnihan

Jason Leyendecker at Audiology Concepts is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and personable

I don’t often write reviews for customer service that was exceptional rather I wait for something bad to happen and then complain.  Well this time I making my commendations for all the right reasons.  Audiology Concepts was recommended to me by a very satisfied customer and I hope others see this and give them a try.  I have only worked with Jason Leyendecker but I assure you, he is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and personable.  He understands customer service and is willing to work with me to get the best possible product that I can afford.

Thank You,
Mark Heinz

“I couldn't be happier with Audiology Concepts. They are outstanding in every respect”

Although I didn’t know it, there were many things that I couldn’t hear. I was amazed at how “noisy” it was the first time I tried my new hearing aids. Now I can hear the birds singing and I can hear what my grandchildren are saying to me. I couldn’t be happier with Audiology Concepts. They are outstanding in every respect; professionalism, service and price. If you try them, you won’t be disappointed.
– Jim Rutzick

“I would never consider going anywhere else for my audiological needs”

I am extremely pleased to have Dr. Paula Schwartz and her competent and friendly staff at Audiology Concepts always working with me to find the best application of hearing device technologies and services to meet my needs. As I have experienced hearing loss and tinnitus since I was a child, I am very particular about the quality of sound from my hearing aids and their ever-evolving programmable features. Dr. Schwartz and staff always listen carefully to my feedback and concerns, patiently tweak my latest digital product to absolute satisfaction, and quickly address any necessary repair issues that may arise. I would never consider going anywhere else for my audiological needs and have gladly referred several others to this outstanding company of professionals.
– Steve Crouse

“Thanks to Dr Schwartz for many years of great service”

My son has been a patient of Audiology Concepts since he was 3 years old. He is now 23. They listen to his needs and make the best fit possible.They are very dedicated to their patients and make them happy.There is always a smiling face to greet you. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and willing to help.I would recommend a visit to them if you are having any hearing issue. Thanks to Dr Schwartz for many years of great service
– Jesse Welf

“If I was to rate the A.C. Staff -GOOD,-BETTER,-BEST I would chose COLOSSAL”

I’ve been seeing Dr. Paula Schwartz before Audiology Concepts before it was a concept. Paula has help me shift through the new technologies that come on the market and steer me in the direction that best product for my hearing shortcomings. The best one to date is the Lyric hearing aid. the Lyric has the best/ most natural sounding aid I’ve worn. You really don’t even realize you’re wear a hearing. You can take them anywhere even the shower. The cosmetic appearance of the Lyric unbelievable, you can’t see them. On a recent visit to my doctor, he wanted to check my ears. He not only was surprise at what he saw, he couldn’t stop talking about how neat they are.
That’s also what I want to say about Dr. Schwartz staff. I sometimes push the button when I call at the last minute and need to get my aid check before I have to get on a 8:00am flight.
If I was to rate the A.C. Staff -GOOD,-BETTER,-BEST I would chose COLOSSAL
– Richard Swanson

“Dr. Schwartz was recommended to me she did a great job”

I had been having hearing problems for years and Dr. Schwartz was recommended to me she did a great job in finding what my hearing loss was I got the hearing aids to try out and I could not believe what I was missing my wife is very happy I don’t say what all the time. PS very friendly and tell you what the problem is in language you can understand I love my new hearing aids.
– Dennis Philippi

“I bought a pair of hearing devices, and my world changed dramatically!”

I had denied my hearing disability for 4-5 years. On my doctor’s recommendation, I made an appointment with Dr. Schwartz. The assessment process was very thorough, and her explanation of my results was clear and concise. I bought a pair of hearing devices, and my world changed dramatically! For the first time in many years I could hear almost all of the conversations in our staff meetings. I no longer have to ask my students to repeat themselves. Many people close to me appreciate that I finally have corrected my hearing loss, and I am now an active participant in conversations again! Many thanks to Dr. Schwartz and Audiology Concepts!
– Michael Seaman

Thank you for the excellent service and care!

Dr. Schwartz and her team fitted me with my Oticon Alta Pro hearing aids at the convenient Edina office. From the hearing evaluation to the fitting and follow up I have been completely satisfied! This was my first experience with a fitting and it could not have been more professional and well done. The follow up support has been fantastic and Dr. Schwartz is a knowledgeable, friendly and engaging professional. Thank you for the excellent service and care. I recommend Audiology Concepts without reservations.

More than satisfied with the professional and friendly service!

I have relied on Dr. Schwartz and the Edina Audiology Concepts folks for many years. They fitted me with my first hearing aid and have continually evaluated my hearing and updated my aids as needed. I have been more than satisfied with the professional and friendly service, and technology (aids and blue tooth components). I have referred nearly a dozen friends who have also been impressed. In some instances they have been tested and told they don’t need aids- which reflects the honesty of this group.

They have my highest recommendation!

After discovering I needed hearing aids, I wanted the best-trained, most competent and experienced audiologist I could find.  I also wanted the widest selection of quality products and finest follow-up services.  After information-seeking visits with several recommended audiologists, Dr. Paula Schwartz of Audiology Concepts easily rose to the top of my list.

Paula and her excellent group of audiologists, all with doctorates, have given me outstanding care over the past eight years.  Of equal value to having such outstanding audiologists is having a designated person on staff whom you can call or see whenever you have a question, concern, or need for adjustment; and who provides regularly scheduled checks and cleaning of your hearing aids.  Audiology Educator-Technical Specialist, Kathy Wieser, does a fantastic job of providing these all-important services in the most pleasant and helpful manner, and is one additional reason I am so happy with Audiology Concepts and would never want to change.  They have my highest recommendation!

A. L., Eagan

Widex Hearing Aids, Edina MN

My husband has suffered hearing loss over a period of years and it is of course getting worse. He struggled with alot of different types of hearing aids. He does has some tinnitus issues…

“Dr. Schwartz was a change to a life”

My story is a simple one, but to Dr. Schwartz, was a chance to a life.

For most of my life, I can remember having a small hearing problem. Not completely deaf, just “different”. Having mumps as a child and serious ear infections at the time, may have been the cause.
I lived 44 years with that, and never thought twice. I am an avid sports enthusiast. Both competing and watching. I still play rugby, volleyball and softball, with hunting and fishing thrown in. Basically your average Minnesota man. Oh yes, and I’m a lead singer in a local band. I’m a husband and father of two great kids. Through the last 17 years of marriage, my wife has joked with others that I had a “selective hearing loss” when it was convenient for me not to listen to her. Funny, but somewhat true. Now here is when it all changed…

Bing, Hearing loss and Tinnitus

I been suffering with hearing loss and severe tinnitus since I exposed with heavy artillery in the army. Over the years I have had several of brands hearing aids that have not been very successful…

Hello Audiology Concepts

I was much too young (52) to start losing my hearing, but unfortunately that is what was happening. I covered up as much as possilbe until the day a waitress asked me what my lovely perfume was, and I answered “diet coke with lime”. I thought she aasked what I wanted to drink. The words didn’t even rhyme but she had a soft voice and I couldn’t read her lips. Laughter followed!   I got into Paula’s office the next week and I didnt want to miss out on life. Babar the elephant, of  children’s book fame, listes his favorite possessions as his clown suit and his violin. I list mine as my two hearing aids. I’ve encouraged many people with hearing loss to give them a try and to continue to enjoy their beautiful lives without missing a single word.


Oticon Hearing Aid Testimonial, Edina MN

I have been a client with Dr. Paula and Audiology Concepts for many years and found it an absolutely positive wonderful thing for my life. I had a hearing loss so far as I know all my life…

“Courtney, you saved my life!“

Those are the words Doctor Courtney Stone hears every time I visit her office. What? A hearing doctor saved someone’s life? This is reminiscent of the Seinfeld sitcom episode where Jerry, during dinner, accuses Marcia Cross, playing a life saving dermatologist, as “… just a pimple popper!” Immediately, a patient walks up and says, “… thank you again for saving my life.” (Skincancer!)…

Oticon Agil Pro Streamer, Minnesota, Hearing Aid Video Testimonial

I have had a hearing loss since I accually can remember. When I came across Dr. Paula Schwartz my hearing aid have just totally change my life and with the new technology I´m just like anybody else…