Can Hearing Aids Be "Stylish"?

Can Hearing Aids Be “Stylish”?

In Hearing Loss by Dr. Jason Leyendecker

Dr. Jason Leyendecker

You might remember hearing aids of the past as bulky and not very stylish. However, keeping up with industry trends for electronic devices, major hearing aid manufacturers have produced sleek and sophisticated designs combined with cutting edge technology. 

More young people are getting hearing loss

As seen In the past few years, hearing loss is skewing younger. Statistics indicate that hearing loss is on the rise in teenagers and young adults. Among millennials, severe hearing loss is approximately 15 percent greater than those of similar age in the 1980s. The advent of the widespread smartphone and earbud use and ever louder music volumes in bars, restaurants, and live music venues are the two main reasons for this rise. 

Since more and more young people face hearing loss issues, they do so in a far different world than ever before. Although older generations have been worrying that others are discreet and undetectable about their hearing aids, Millennials seem far more open to having their hearing aids seen, incorporating their hearing aids into their overall style.

This is a marked departure from older generations’ response to hearing loss and could indicate that we could finally lose the stigma surrounding hearing loss in our and other societies. 

Discretion is no longer the top priority

As stated before, over the decades, hearing aid design has always been guided to be as invisible as possible, even if they were a larger behind-the-ear model. With some styles fitting entirely in the ear canal and others almost entirely hidden behind the ear, the invisible-in-the-ear models have always been the most desirable. 

However, current hearing aid design is both elegant and practical, driven by both advancements and limitations in technology. For example, current hearing aid technology doesn’t allow many features to be included in the smallest designs, which means that you need to size up a little if you want the latest features. Of course, this is changing, but the day and hearing aid models such as the Starkey Livio Edge AI and the Phonak Virtu Black are already bucking this trend. 

Millennials have lived their whole lives integrating technology and style. They see hearing aids as part of a range that includes smartphones, headphones, and wearables such as smartwatches and personal fitness devices. It is no longer taboo to be walking around with an electronic device attached to your arm or ear. 

Good hearing will never go out of style

Although these new, sophisticated technology trends in hearing aids are an encouraging sign of the destigmatization of hearing loss, equally important is that the devices retain their primary purpose: to help people hear better in the things they love to do. 

Few things make a person look older than when they continuously ask those around them to repeat themselves. This happens for longer than it should: statistics show that it takes seven years for the average person to admit their hearing loss and get themselves treated. 

Hearing aid technology has improved drastically over the years. Whether you’re looking for style points or the latest features, we’re sure to have something which fits your needs. But the first step is a hearing test! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.