What to Ask During a Hearing Consultation

What to Ask During a Hearing Consultation

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Those who have decided that they are ready to take charge of their hearing should be congratulated. If you have hearing loss, admitting and seeking help for your condition is an important step in your journey to a better quality of life.

A consultation usually involves a hearing test. If this is your first time, here’s what to expect during your hearing test:

1.First of all, your audiologist will ask you about your hearing problems, including which conditions make it especially hard to listen. This is also a great chance to ask your own questions as well as to answer questions that they may have. It could also involve questions about your medical history, as these could also be important factors which could influence your hearing. 

2. The second portion of your visit consists of a check on the internal and outer ears. If your hearing professional notices anything unusual in your ears, this information help in diagnosing the exact nature of your hearing loss. 

3. Finally, you will be given some hearing tests. Your hearing professional will run tests to assess your ability to hear certain frequencies as well as your capacity to understand speech in noisy situations.

During the consultation phase of the visit, you will want to ask some questions yourself.  Here are some suggested questions to keep in mind when talking to the hearing consultant.

What does my hearing loss look like?

Although you may have noticed changes in your hearing, you might want to know exactly which kind of hearing loss you have. The most common type of hearing loss is sensorineural. This usually occurs from the simple aging process, but can also be accelerated through consistent noise exposure.

You may still want to understand in more detail if this is the sort of loss you have. For example, is your hearing loss the same in both ears or is one ear worse off? Are certain sounds and frequencies more difficult to detect than others?

Which hearing aids are best suited to my needs?

You should be open and honest with your hearing professional about the kinds of situations you are in where it is most difficult to hear. For example, your hobbies, your home environment and the kinds of places you like to go out to might all contain situations where you struggle to hear. By asking about the kinds of features that will help you in these environments, you will hone in on the hearing aids that best suit your lifestyle.

How can I take care of my new hearing aids?

Ask your hearing professional about the best practice methods for maintaining your new investment. Apart from the easy wiping with the sleeve to remove debris, the small crevices of hearing aids with wax or other accumulation can be cleaned with specially designed instruments.

Battery maintenance is also important. How often do the batteries need changing? Can the hearing aid be controlled by an app or are there manual controls? All of this helps you understand the best way to maintain your hearing aids so that they will work for the maximum life of the device.

What if I find that I don’t like my hearing aids? Do you have warranty or insurance options?

You’re going to want to be mindful about the possibility that your hearing aid will not fit your requirements. Make sure that you clarify exactly what you can do with your service provider if that happens. Some hearing aid companies give own warranties to cover defects in workmanship, but it’s important to ask your hearing provider if there is a test period whereby you can claim a refund in the event you are not satisfied.

You may want to ask about damage insurance. If something happens to your investment, you will want to understand that you can replace them, and some suppliers offer protection against damage. Ask about the terms of this insurance. You can also think of likely scenarios where you might have to claim, and ask your hearing professional of what would happen in these circumstances.

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