Audiology Services

We offer a variety of audiology services at our five offices in Burnsville, Duluth, Cambridge, Edina, Forest Lake, & Grand Rapids. Learn more about our services below.

Personalized Treatment Plan

We have a 4-step treatment plan that is designed to help you not only hear, but listen better, so that you may continue to live your life the way you see fit.
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Medical Hearing Evaluation

Performed by Doctors of Audiology, we take no shortcuts when delivering our hearing exam.

  • We start with a consultation whereby you outline your concerns, struggles, and objectives before we proceed onto the objective measurements and analysis.
  • We will proceed to check for medical concerns by performing the traditional pure tone beeping test, followed by the real-world portion which involves the spoken word.
  • Our word testing includes words in quiet and words in noise. This testing will tell us how you currently hear and understand human speech in quiet and noisy places.

Real Ear Measurement

Each of our ears are very different and those differences have a major effect on the benefit of a hearing instrument. The only true way to account for those differences is to take a physical measurement of how the hearing aid is amplifying sound in your specific ear canal.

That’s why we are one of the 30% of hearing aid practices out there who do Real Ear measurements, a procedure considered the ‘gold standard’ in hearing aid fitting.

real ear measurement

The Real Ear Measurement method takes into account your hearing loss and calculates the amplification required for you at each frequency. Then we evaluate what's happening in your ear canal and make changes accordingly.

There's no speculating, no trusting the manufacturer's default settings.  It's a granular assessment of whether the hearing aids are providing to you what they need to. Every single study that has been conducted on real ear measurements show that people are more content with their hearing aids when using this method.

Helping Your Brain Hear Again

Hearing and listening are often used as synonyms, yet they are each unique cognitive processes. Hearing can be defined as simply “perceiving sound” whereas listening is a far more sophisticated task; listening is defined as “attributing meaning to sound.” As the ability to hear diminishes over time, so does the brains ability to orient, localize, and focus on the important speech sounds in our environment.

Think of this stage of treatment as the “physical therapy” for your ears. Our treatment process will include an orientation, one-on-one tutoring, and some simple training for you to complete in order to reintroduce and allow your brain to properly process the restored sounds. Our auditory and brain stimulation program will help you think faster, focus better, and remember more of what you hear.

Follow-up Hearing Services

Your hearing care needs continue to change throughout life and because of this we value our ongoing relationship. As we fulfill the steps above, we will continue to work with you by providing audiology services, exams, cleanings, and ongoing support for years to come.

Your hearing will be re-evaluated every year and your hearing devices personalized to your current situations and prescription. When you work with us, you have a partner in better hearing for life and we look forward to seeing you whenever you need our help.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repair

There are various factors which influence the cost of fixing a broken or damaged hearing aid: whether the hearing aid is within its warranty period, the damage to your device, and the cost of replacement parts needed. Whether or not you got your hearing aids from Audiology Concepts, we offer repair and servicing for most hearing aid models.

Please contact us if you have any issues with your hearing aids. We will help you get your devices working again or help you decide on your next steps if your device cannot be repaired.

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tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus Treatment

Do you often experience ringing in your ears? Does this sound cause you irritation? Does tinnitus interfere with your life?

For tinnitus treatment options, we refer to our Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic, where we offer a wide range of solutions that have helped many patients who suffer from tinnitus. While there is no cure for the condition, our providers work with FDA-approved tinnitus therapy options to treat and reduce your tinnitus.

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