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Musicians & Hearing Loss

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Dr. Jason Leyendecker

For many, making music for a living is a dream and a full-time job. Even so, whether you play in the symphony or play in a band you may be exposing your ears to damaging levels of sound. Each year, about 22 million U.S. workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels at work and this includes musicians. Professional musicians are …

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Going Digital with Your Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aids, Hearing Health by Dr. Jason Leyendecker

Hearing loss affects 48 million people in the US alone and the numbers only continue to rise as our world becomes louder and new generations suffer from hearing loss earlier in life. While most cases of hearing loss cannot be reversed, it can be treated rather effectively with hearing aids.  Today’s hearing aids are not the ones you may remember …