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How Exercise, Diet, Sleep, and Hearing Affect Brain Aging

In Brain Health, Hearing Health by Dr. Jason Leyendecker

According to the most recent scientific findings, our bodies and minds are closely intertwined. More importantly, modern medicine now assesses a person’s whole health. That is to say, none of our systems function in isolation, and hearing health is no exception. The basic building blocks of physical health, such as exercise, food, sleep, and even hearing, all feed upon one …

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What is Single-Sided Hearing Loss

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Dr. Jason Leyendecker

Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, which significantly impacts them and their loved ones. Hearing loss makes you withdraw from various hobbies and leisure activities and has significant consequences for your physical, emotional, and mental health. You won’t fully participate in social gatherings or have an explicit chat with your friends or family if you can’t hear clearly.  …

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Getting to Know Your Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aids by Dr. Jason Leyendecker

Hearing aid technology continues to progress rapidly, and each new model brings more innovation. The increased sophistication of today’s hearing devices allows us to benefit from their use by their advancements in the replication of sound frequencies.  The more advanced the technology, the closer it is to natural sound reproduction, and the fuller the hearing experience we have to gain.  …