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Connecting People | May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!

In Hearing Health by Dr. Jason Leyendecker

May is one of our favorite months here at Audiology Concepts – it’s officially Better Speech and Hearing Month! Established by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), this awareness month helps promote public health education and access. This year’s theme is “Connecting People,” It reminds us how important it is to stay connected with the people we love. Here are some …

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Undertreated & Undiagnosed: Age-Related Hearing Loss

In Age Related Hearing Loss, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Dr. Jason Leyendecker

Every age brings challenges and new opportunities. Some of these opportunities are more welcome than others, such as the ability to drive a car or retire. Other opportunities become a bother, such as developing high blood pressure or cataracts. One of the more common changes for people over the age of 50 is hearing loss.  Hearing loss among older adults …

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Staying Safe with Hearing Loss

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Dr. Jason Leyendecker

Hearing loss can affect your personal safety in several ways. At its most severe, total deafness is a severe disability that would likely require assistance from others for many everyday tasks. But even mild or moderate hearing loss can impact your ability to protect yourself from harm. Not being able to hear essential sounds can mean that you: miss alarm …