Digital hearing aid manufacturers
Audiology Concepts offer hearing aid devices from major manufacturers. These companies include: Oticon, Lyric Hearing, Widex, Phonak, Starkey, Unitron, GN ReSound. Links to digital hearing aid manufacturers we use are listed below for your convenience. We look forward to sharing with you the many options available to you today.
Demo instruments on most models of hearing aid devices are available for your evaluation.
Oticon – Premium Hearing Aids

We all have our own hearing preferences. It has to do with how our individual brain “hears”. Ordinary hearing aids assume that the same settings will work for everyone. But with Alta, your personal hearing preferences are actually used by the powerful sound device. Think of it as a micro-brain that works in harmony with your brain. So you’ll differentiate sounds and hear more clearly, even as you move from one difficult hearing environment to another.
Oticon offers a full line and full family of hearing devices to address all hearing losses, cosmetic preferences and budgets.
Test drive Oticon products at no charge. Demo units are available for our patients to wear in their own environments for up to a week. Just give our office a call.
We welcome patients from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, Burnsville and surrounding communities.

Click here to read more on Oticon’s own Website
Lyric Hearing – Invisible Hearing Aid

Audiology Concepts was the first in the Twin Cities to work with the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing device. Lyric is able to be worn 24 hours each day and lasts for up to 4 months. Lyric is positioned deep in the ear canal so that it is not visible. This deep insertion takes advantage of the natural acoustics and the ear canal anatomy to provide a very natural sound to the wearer.

Our patients are able to wear Lyric for a full 45day evaluation period at no charge! So, call our office today and experience Lyric Hearing!

Audiology Concepts is your professional Lyric provider. For more information about the invisible hearing aid Lyric, contact Audiology Concepts at 952 831-4222 or visit Lyric is available in the Edina office of Audiology Concepts

“As seen in Minneapolis St Paul Meet the Experts”
Audiology and hearing health by Paula Schwartz from Audiology Concepts. Read More >>

Widex – Hearing Aids with more sound and improved sound quality

The Widesx’s technology gives the wearer more sound than other manufacturer’s hearing aids due to a revolutionary new technology. More sound does not mean more volume, it means more details of the world around. This unique technology also allows for the details of sound necessary to hear speech better in the more difficult environments such as noisy restaurants, social gatherings, cars, places of worship and music events.

WIDEX UNIQUE is available in a wide range of models including our new Behind-the-ear model FASHION.

Click here to read more about WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aid.
Otolens – Starkey's smallest and invisible hearing aid

Starkey has always been the leader in small hearing technology and Otolens is no exception. Small and completely invisible, Otolens offers people the ability to hear optimally without any device being seen by others. It features Starkey’s latest technology – including Voice iQ², our newest noise reduction and speech preservation system designed to filter out background noise. Otolens can also be controlled by your cellular phone! Try it today! Call one of the Audiology Concepts offices today and schedule your appointment to find out about Otolens.

Click here to read more on Starkey’s own Website
Hear more sounds with MOXI from Unitron

Unitron, located Plymouth Minnesota offers a full line of hearing instruments. One product that stands out is their new super power instrument called Moxi. Moxi provides the volume necessary for severe to profound hearing losses while including other desirable technologies available today! Try it you’ll love it!

Click here to read more on Unitron’s own Website
Linx2– Made for iPhone hearing aids and the new power model ENZO

GN ReSound, located in Bloomington Minnesota offers a full line of hearing instruments. Notable and remarkable is one of the first made for iPhone hearing aids. Love controlling everything with your iPhone? This product may be right for you and comes in 3 levels of technology and cost. Call one the Audiology Concepts office closest to you and try a demo set of Linx 2 in your own environments.

If you need power, the new ENZO will meet your needs. Ask one of our staff to test drive them!

Click here to read more on GN ReSound’s own Website